Family Vacation Continued… or Where Has My Time Gone To?

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Family Vacation Continued… or Where Has My Time Gone To?

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We’re back… again! Why has it been forever and a day since our last update? That’s a good question. I’ve been trying to write, finish, post this little recap of my family’s life for MONTHS NOW!! Let’s review our table of contents from last time and see what’s sucked up all my time by picking up where we left off, shall we? Chapter 2, “New job… on top of owning a business”

  1. Family “Vacation” and the reason for my time away from blogging
  2. New Job…on top of owning a business
  3. Baptism- because God (and my mother) demand it
  4. Birthday- you’re all grown up
  5. 1yr check up or a nightmare of needles and incompetence

New Job…on top of owning a business

So, after I almost fed my daughter to a vicious dolphin… I accepted an offer from one of my clients to join their company… full-time. YAY! The great thing is that I believe in what they’re doing and I like the work. The crazy part is that the work doesn’t end. I mean, I’m up to my neck in animation. After that I’m up to my eyebrows in dirty diapers. 

The smell is atrocious.

Normally, as a freelance artist, finding work is a little bit of feast or famine. You either have too much or too little. The saving grace is that when the work is overly abundant you can always say “No, I don’t like your project. I don’t want this. NOOOOPE!” Normally if I was going to reject an offer to work I’d just sit back in my chair on the other end of a phone call or email and furiously shake my head yelling “NO NO NO!” to myself… just like my daughter does when  I ask her to do anything. Yep, she’s in the “No” phase. It’s”no” to everything except Goldfish crackers.

When you’re salaried, though, you can either say “yes” or “good bye” because you’re either on board or you get off at the next stop if you can’t handle the ride. But like I keep telling Kelly, “I’m retired, I just work to pay the bills.” 

As a result of my good fortune I’ve opted to not take on any other clients at the moment. After all, my number one job is being a parent, which has been my favorite job of all… despite the onslaught of dirty diapers that I endure on a daily basis. 

And that was chapter 2. Not too long winded. Speaking of long winded, I was once asked to take part in a debate in high school by my drama teacher. Mind you, I wasn’t part of any debate team… she just asked me to go to the highschool one town over and debate a stranger on some topic. I had no formal training in this so I didn’t know how to prepare. Plus, I wasn’t really into it. But, my ma is Sicilian and I figured, “debate… that’s in my blood. I got this.” Worse case scenario? I guilt trip the other kid to death for even considering to uphold the ideals of his end of the topic. I had this. 

Well, cut to the debate (for the life of me I can’t remember what we were talking about), I show up and can’t argue to save my life. This other kid was prepared… I mean she was there with actual details and facts and figures. People loved her. And me… well the Sicilian in me took a nap. The Filipino woke up big time, though, and like my father did with me, I gave her a mean look and basically retorted with something along the lines of, “ Look, I’m right, you’re wrong. This makes sense to me and it should to you, too. If you don’t get it then you need to see a doctor, because you got something loose upstairs. What’s so hard about this, huh? OK, enough. You’re grounded.”

That was my one and only formal debate.

Baptism- because God (and my mother) demand it

OOOH, OH, OH! Emma was baptised. I’d like to say something funny about this… but I’m Catholic and susceptible to soul crushing guilt and a fear of spending eternity in a less than ideal situation, like having a tiny, no show sock roll off your heel and bunch up under the arch of your foot during a jog. Yeah… so no baptism jokes today. I did write a haiku, though:

We baptised our kid

Grandma tried to record it

Old folks don’t tech well

Yep, my ma stood there for a good half hour recording the whole thing on my phone only to have the whole thing not actually record. That’s kind of funny. All in all, though, it was a good time and my daughter’s on the heavenly grid.

Birthday- you’re all grown up

Soon after her baptism Emma turned 1!!! It was a huge gathering… of adults. At the time, we didn’t have any friends in the area with kids so it wasn’t much of a “kids” party. That’s alright, though, because honestly she won’t remember it any ways. But she’s one now. Now we have a toddler rather than an infant. I had no idea that that was the cut off. She’s still a “baby” to me, albeit a baby that shows grown up tendencies more and more every day. For example… she’s smart and she uses that intelligence for nefarious means like taking my stuff for herself. “Ooh a watch? Now it’s a teether!” Or “OOOOH, remote controls/phones/keys, shoes, dangerous objects you left out…. Teethers!!!!”

We’ve started a game called “WHAT’S IN YOUR MOUTH?! SPIT IT OUT!” …I play the same game with the dog. You play it like this: just go about your day and as soon as your baby (or dog) are just beyond arm’s length away they put something in their mouth. Then you drop everything you’re doing like you’re in a flash mob and reach in their mouth to fish out whatever it is they’re eating. It’s a fun game. She’s also walking now and sleeping (most nights) in her toddler bed. 

It’s been so long since I started writing this that I HAVE to mention that she’s walking, climbing, and has nearly a full mouth of teeth. That last one really makes fishing foreign objects out of her mouth a sick game of “cannibal baby”. 

The toddler bed and walking baby mean that she’s up roaming the house in the middle of the night. For safety reasons, we keep our bedroom door open, just in case she comes wandering in. Let’s be real, though, she always comes wandering in. She doesn’t always give us a heads up. Sometimes we’ll just hear her rummaging through our stuff like a thief in the night. Then we play a game of “Baby Burgled What?”… that’s where your kid takes your stuff in the middle of the night … and probably tries to eat it. Then you see if you’re fast enough to get it out of their mouth without losing a finger.

It’s fun and really keeps you on your toes.

1yr check up or a nightmare of needles and incompetence

Speaking of fun… you know what’s not fun? Your baby getting shots… and blood draws. God awful nightmares-come-to-life, they are!!! It goes against every instinct as a parent to put your child in harm’s way or do anything that’ll make them cry. I mean, they do enough of that of their own volition so why give one more reason to reach in and wrench your soul with their banshee’s wail? But sometimes modern medicine requires sacrifice. That sacrifice comes in the form of holding your child as she tries to wrench free of your embrace as some stranger jabs her in the arm and steals her precious blood like some salaried vampire. 

Now… normally we’re pretty cool with the vaccines and what not, but this time around it was nearly impossible to stay calm. The pediatrician ordered a blood draw at the 1 yr checkup, and for some reason the nurse drawing blood couldn’t find a vein. So here we are, needle in my kid, her screaming, no blood.

How is this situation made (not) better?? By this lady just moving the needle around my kid’s flesh looking for a vein!!! The screams just kept coming louder and louder and still no blood. 3 nurses later… and me using my grown up voice to show my distaste for the situation, we finally got some blood.

Each wriggle and squirm she exhibited from stabbing pain jabbed me a hundred times over and I broke a little bit inside. You can’t show that, though. You can’t just get up and leave with your kid while a needle is sticking out of her. You can’t stop everything and roundhouse kick everyone in the room with your parental rage…. What you can do is take every lollipop on the way out as payment for you and your child’s suffering. And I’ll do that at every appointment from that day until the end of my days. 

That’s not to say I can be paid off with candy if you come at me or my kid. 

I do like candy, though.

So that’s the last few months of my time as a parent. I’ve had some requests to pick the blog and Emma comic back up so I’m going to try to do just that. One of the harder things in life is finding a good work/life balance. The key there is to realize that work isn’t life. We’re not here to work (despite putting in 12 hour days and weekends). And at times, when you love your work, it’s difficult to draw a distinction between the two. I find that it’s a lot easier to draw that line when you have a child. I mean, I like spending time with my kid- she can’t speak, but she’s funny. She can be a pain, but she’s adorable. And I get to see a human being in possibly the best moments of my life start to become… like a person. Every time I look at my kid she’s like a little person, like a little pygmy or something. It blows my mind. There’s no way I’m gonna miss out on her growing up for some job. …that being said, I do have to pay some bills… sooooo… sacrifices like going without sleep or a workout have to be made. But that’s life, eh? Sacrifice, compromise, ups… downs… and this blog. So thanks for reading, and if you’re a parent who is having trouble balancing life and work just hang in there. Life happens whether you want it to or not. There will be plenty of birthdays, day drinking at a kids party, and inept medical professionals testing your last nerve and driving you to steal candy. As always… Happy Parenting.

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November 5, 2019at 3:36 pm

Great post! I do not miss those days, diapera and hold/shots. The thievery gets more advanced for a bit longer then there is a sudden drop off and you will catch them all the time. No James Bond car stealing but close enough, haha.

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