Welcome to Little Nina Studios®. Here you’ll find the art of Chris Mendoza. Chris’ illustrations are inspired by fantasy, science fiction, comic books, and fun loving adventure. Over the better half of the past decade and then some, Chris has been illustrating professionally for video games, medical and scientific communities, and bringing a sense of whimsy to education.

Growing up as a huge fan of comics and animation Chris pulls from his childhood and man-child experiences to fashion characters and stories of his own that he can pass on to his children and yours. As a father and stay-at-home dad balancing work and family, he draws from his day to day life (pun intended) and imparts his experiences in his blog for other stay-at-home dads, new fathers, dads to be, and parents at large. The hope is to shine some light on a small, but growing movement of stay-at-home dads and that as one parent to another, some humor, comfort, a place to speak freely away from the ears of children, and respite from the daily grind of parenting might be found by sharing similar experiences.

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