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Drawing is fun! That's what we do here, we have fun.

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Boogies & Ink

Boogies & Ink is a blog about our family, my life as a father and an artist balancing work, and my crazy wonderful kids. It's invite only at the moment. If you supply me with a 300 word essay about the Franco-Prussian war you might be allowed in.


The ancients say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we make thousands of words... with pictures!

Animation Skillz

At Little Ninja Studios we take our pretty pictures… and make them move!

Prints & Gear...Skillz

Shop our store for all your Little Ninja art, clothing, and gear to make your home into an adventure filled ninja hut!

Check out the Instagram! There's a lot of art that goes on there that you might not see here :)

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Employee of the Month

Chris does so much around the studio. I mean, he draws, does the website, cleans up. A lot of stuff! And we really can't thank him enough. So this month we've honored him with the title of "Employee of the Month". Never mind that he doesn't get paid; that's all the more reason that he gets this award.

Honorable Mention goes to Kelly. Thanks for all your efforts :)

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